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Sufferers of restless legs syndrome


Restless legs syndrome - information, symptoms and treatments | Bupa UK

Restless Legs Syndrome
Restless Legs Syndrome, or RTS is a condition commonly found in the UK, and around 1 in 12 people suffer from the syndrome. The majority of suffers experience the problems in fits and starts, and can usually relieve themselves of the symptoms by making small changes to their diet or lifestyle choices, whilst others need extensive medical therapy to help with the condition.

Symptoms of the syndrome
Generally speaking, Restless Legs Syndrome is found later on in the day, particularly when someone lies down on the sofa or in bed ready to go to sleep. Symptoms may be evident through the day but generally get worse at night.
The symptoms, which are usually a sensation in the legs which does not hurt, but leads to the person feeling an urge to move their legs, can also spread to the arms in some cases. Often people find that the symptoms can be relieved by simply moving around, and that the problem is far worse in resting legs.
Some patients find that their toes nervously twitch whilst they are suffering, and may experience movements in their legs whilst they are asleep, which can leave them feeling tired the next day.
For more information on the symptoms of restless leg syndrome visit this webpage: Restless leg syndrome causes, symptoms

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