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How RLS is Treated?


How can I treat the syndrome
Many sufferers will be pleased to know that treatment for the problem is often very simple, and a few changes to diet and lifestyle can make a big difference. Before visiting the doctors you are advised to increase the number of muscle stretches you do in your legs in the morning and evenings, and to partake in regular exercise each day to keep your muscles working.
Other tips include making sure that you get enough sleep, by going to bed at a sensible time and not burning the candle at both ends. You can also change your diet to not include so much caffeine, with coffee, tea and coke some of the worst caffeine containing offenders.
Alcoholic drinks can also make a difference to your restless legs syndrome, and may be the cause, so cutting down on alcohol, and cutting it out completely may make the difference you need to cut out the symptoms completely.
If after trying the methods above you have seen no improvement, visit your doctor who may be able to find another cause, and methods to help you control your symptoms.

For more information on treatment of RLS, visit this website: Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) a second opinion