About the Side Effects of Ascorbic Acid


About the scary side effects of Simitol Is the ascorbic acid used in Simitol really safe, and its vitamin C very safe?
Naturally, there are side effects in the case of drugs.

However, this side effect causes nausea and diarrhea when taken in large amounts on an empty stomach.

Ascorbic acid has the function of activating the movement of the intestines, so if you take it too much
, you may have a stomachache.

If you have a stomachache, it seems better to reduce the amount you take at one time or the amount for one day

Also, there seem to be some anti-sects who argue that large intakes increase kidney stones and oxidative stress, but so
far, there is no scientific basis, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

You need to be careful about changes in your physical condition.

However, as a person who takes a lot of ascorbic acid of Simitol and is careful about whitening,
honestly, I have some abdominal pain at the timing.

In my case, if I take 5 or more tablets in the morning and evening, my stomach hurts,
but I think I’m about to reach the target value and take it. .. ..

When investigating ascorbic acid, it seems that it also has the ability to suppress histamine production.

This is a substance that is said to cause allergic dermatitis such as atopy.

Since this histamine is immune in the body, it causes inflammation due to the invasion of foreign substances and generates active oxygen. This
will kill the foreign matter.

However, this is known to cause itching, and over-secretion of histamine can cause itching on its own.

This is thought to be high in blood histamine and low in vitamin C for people with allergies, so it seems that
people who fall into this category can also reduce itching and inflammation by taking ascorbic acid from Simitol. is.

At this point, this substance called ascorbic acid seems to work for anything.

It is important for us consumers how long the results will be obtained, but this varies from person to person and seems to be proportional to the speed of skin metabolism.

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