Healthy Wealthy and Wise


Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise:  Not talking about money at this moment. A lot of people don’t see it this way
but being healthy also means being wealthy. Maybe not in the money sense but not having our health one would
not get the full benefit from all the money in china or the saying is: all the tea in China, however.

Health is an issue for many people these days, this could be pain related issues like joint pain, arthritis pain
or gout or the blood count may be out, maybe low on energy, etc.

When we experience pain or discomfort of any sort the first thing we think of to rid ourselves of this discomfort as quickly as possible. So what can we do? Is it wise to get a script for a drug medicine?

Then it is most likely we finish up with side effects than we get more prescription medicine and what next?

Then we step up what one calls a merry go round, like a dog chasing its tail. No, not funny but this is the opportunity to take your own action regarding health. This is where we have to become wise to stay healthy. We often hear the expression: you are what you eat, you become what you eat.

Many people still not realize how effective lifestyle changes and diet can be in treating many diseases. When going shopping, check the small print on packaged food, read about the ingredients, all the different numbers, some are bad and some are really bad.

It is a numbers game there are little booklets available that tell what
the numbers actually mean, you will be shocked to find out. This is where most of our sickness comes from, ingredients and over-processed food, stay away from these as much as possible.

Even the best food supplement on the market would not have the full impact unless we get our food intake and diet in check. For the natural and most effective way to treat sickness and become healthy and wise is the strong evidence that the power of natural therapies is better than drugs.

However, some natural supplements should not be misconstrued as cures. They are safer alternatives than drugs, but you cannot properly address your health problem if you still maintain a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet – with or without the best supplement.

Do we want to become healthy, wealthy, and wise? For example
here is the simplest thing: just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day
can significantly reduce blood sugar levels, also triglycerides bad
cholesterol, plus cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Yes, just simple cinnamon can have other health benefits like………..


Here we are, an incredibly inexpensive simple powder, the taste is OK and all you have to do is adding an ample amount to your diet. In becoming Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, just add a few of some healthier choices to your
a diet such as…….

Almonds and other various nuts (NO PEANUTS)
Green vegetables, such as spinach, raw broccoli
Black beans

How about Kiwi fruit and cinnamon sprinkled over it???

Some of the little things that matter, and let’s hope this little bit of information will help to make you somewhat more aware of becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise. To improve your health there is lots of information available the likes of what are the best supplements to take for pain reliefs and other health benefits.

Oral health is often overlooked, it is a fundamental part of optimal health, and there’s convincing evidence linking the state of your teeth and gums to a variety of health issues. Believe it or not, poor oral health is linked to heart disease.

It always comes back to the same old thing: Diet, Diet, and more Diet. Modern science has validated the remarkable health benefits of a good natural supplement, to maintain good health or to improve your health.

Josef  Bichler’s point of view about health! Health is wealth, not a big bank account. The most important steps: Change of diet, eating habits, and lifestyle. Why knowledge? When it comes to health issues, it’s like a crash course for most of us.

Educate yourself about health, study, and read everything you can get your hands on. WHY? This is your ticket to better health.

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