Is Vitamin C in Simitol Too Much?


Vitamins Shimitoru about whether such to take
The nationally recommended intake of vitamin C is 100 mg
On the other hand, in the case of Simitol, the amount is 20 times as much.
At first glance, this is very overkill and I feel it is very dangerous.
I was surprised to find out that 2000 mg of Simitol Torbita Tablets is too much, even though it is a limited amount of medicines.
And I found that there are many other roles of vitamin C in Simitol.  Of course, vitamin C also includes recovery from fatigue. It seems that it is known that vitamin C is also used for collagen production when going for beauty.

It is said that if you take collagen, it is meaningless unless you also take vitamin C.
If you expect the effect of whitening, you need a lot of vitamin C.

Vitamin C, which is compounded in an amount that meets that requirement, is compounded to the limit of Simitol’s pharmaceutical products.
Of course, if you are taking vitamin C on a regular basis, this will be over, so I think it is important to find the amount that suits you according to your physical condition and drink to the limit anyway. I think it’s good to get the effect Unless there are side effects.

As for side effects, Simitol is also Vitamin C, so maybe it makes my stomach sick. Putting these together, some people may or may not mix the maximum amount,
there is an appropriate amount depending on the person, but vitamin C is consumed even under stress, and 20 mg of vitamin C is consumed by one cigarette. So if you can get as much as you can, you may want to take it
Of course, Simitol is a medicine, so I think it’s best to take only an appropriate amount and continue if you can expect an effect.

If it helps to recover from fatigue and produce collagen even if the stains are not removed, I think that it will continue, but how about it?
Semitool is a medicine. It is only sold at drug stores.
Please be careful about similar products!

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