Liposuction Guide and Procedures


Plastic surgeons are the ones who control the dome of lip liposuction procedures, called in Hebrew “liposuction” or “surgical fat dissolution”, but it is important to understand that there are other methods (medical and paramedical) for reducing the percentage of fat.

What is weight loss?

Let’s start from the basics – how to lose weight. The scientific definition of weight loss is not a weighted loss – it can be done in a variety of ways, the main and easiest of which is actually the loss of “lean mass” – muscle and especially fluid.

The correct definition of weight loss is a decrease in fat percentage. Already here is the place to “shatter some myths” that unfortunately, the rabbi continues to mislead many thugs:

“I want to turn fat into muscle” – these are two completely different tissues, and there is no way one will turn into another. Apart from some unusual and rare conditions, it is impossible to lose fat percentage without putting the body in a state of hunger (catabolic state), and in this condition, you also lose some of the “lean mass” – everything that is not fat.

But before losing any hope, it is important to understand that proper weight loss can lead to more fat loss than anything else, so over time the percentage of fat, or the relative share of fat tissue in body weight, has gone down.

· “I want to lose fat fast” – all of us. The problem is that a quick calculation (not going into it at the moment) shows that there is no way to lose more than a pound, very rarely a pound and a little fat a week. Any further weight loss is at the expense of the same lean mass.

Loss of lean mass not only does not indicate weight loss, but actually interferes with it – lean mass, and especially muscle, is the main energy consumer in the body, and of course, the main and healthiest way to lose weight is to enter a negative energy balance.

Plastic surgeons overwhelmingly agree, like the rest of the scientific and medical establishment, that the healthiest way to achieve “ fat dissolution ” and a better appearance is through natural weight loss. Natural weight loss relies on creating a negative energy balance, mainly by decreasing caloric intake (sensible diet) and increasing energy consumption by lean body mass (exercise of various types).


Natural weight loss has some limiting properties. The main one (apart from of course is difficult to perform …) is the inability to control the source of fat that the body uses. So far, all studies show that there is no way to achieve local fat dissolution by natural means – in other words, it is possible to decrease the percentage of fat (lose weight), but not control which part of the body is lost.

 The shape of the body can of course be influenced by various means – increasing muscle mass in a certain place for example. But most patients are not willing or able to invest the time and effort required.

The solution of Hflstikaim- liposuction

procedures, liposuction done in different ways, but basically it comes to the Same new getup. ” The surgery consists of several steps:

1. Preparation – shaving the entrance site, opening a sterile field, and anesthesia. In the vast majority of liposuction surgeries  plastic surgeons Use local anesthesia, which does not require the presence of anesthesia and generally has fewer side effects and risks.

2. Initial incision and insertion of the trucker – insertion of many small incisions, usually less than a centimeter apart.

3. Insertion of the trocar, separation of tissues (here there are three methods: in saline, by means of sound waves and by means of vibration) = “dissolving fat”, and pumping out the dissolved adipose tissue.

4. Closure of the surgical wound, corset dressing, and recovery.

It is usually a day procedure, which lasts a few hours and usually does not require more than a day of hospitalization.

In conclusion, liposuction is a relatively simple procedure performed by plastic surgeons mainly. However, it is a solution that is mostly local, and by no means an alternative to balanced weight loss. And healthy in case of overweight.

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