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How do neurodermatitis, allergy, and eczema diseases occur?

The human immune system is in equilibrium between the vital defense against infection and the tolerance) to the body’s own eg skin antigens.
With the appropriate predisposition, the immune system becomes unbalanced after an infection.  T lymphocytes are formed in the bone marrow that attacks both the pathogen and the surrounding infected tissue.

As a result, depending on the skin tissue affected, the patient suffers from neurodermatitis, hand eczema, and foot eczema or psoriasis, since now, after the infection has subsided, incorrectly “programmed” T cells confuse skin tissue with pathogens and attack them. Itching, signs of inflammation, and other symptoms occur. This affects 12-13% of 7-year-old children. A cure is not yet possible.

Why are these skin conditions so difficult to treat?

These skin diseases are actually a bone marrow disease: the bone marrow forms incorrectly programmed T lymphocytes, which reach the skin via the blood vessels and attack the tissue there.

The effects of cortisone ointments and also new cortisone-free ointments such as Protopic, Elidel or Douglas  usually only last a short time after they are stopped. Here only the surface is treated without reaching the bone marrow.

By using these ointments, the skin’s natural immune response is strongly inhibited. All medication must be stopped about a week before treatment begins to allow the skin’s immune system to heal.

What is the UV- and cortisone-free DermoDyne light vaccination?

The light vaccination, a gentle laser medical procedure, was developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Krutmann, Düsseldorf developed. A special light spectrum in the visible range acts on the incorrectly programmed T cells that carry binding sites (receptors) for the inflamed skin.

The light inoculation leads to the disintegration of the T cells with the “wrong” receptors. These receptors can now be processed by other immune cells in the skin as if the skin had been “vaccinated” – similar to desensitization with pollen or grass.

The light inoculation therefore not only affects the skin, but also the bone marrow, which, for example, stops the production of inflammatory cells.

• Successful therapy similar to healing even in the most severe and hopeless cases

• Long-lasting therapeutic effects over many months to several years

• It is often possible to do without cortisone

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