Quality Guaranteed and Innovation


Quality guaranteed

ISS Hospital Services applies the highest quality standards for its activities and aims to continuously improve the quality delivered. Together with you and accredited agencies, we carry out checks on predetermined criteria. By carrying out checks together with you and comparing the results, we achieve a higher-end quality in your organization.


ISS Hospital Services attaches great importance to innovation. Thanks to innovation, we are able to set new standards in terms of hygiene standards. Examples are UV disinfection, joint ventures, and full-service concepts. We are convinced, as a market leader, that we have a duty to be innovative in the health sector.

The total package of facility services

ISS Hospital Service provides a total package of facility services in the health sector. The basis for this is formed by cleaning services. In addition to cleaning in your care facility, we provide a large number of additional services.

You can think of:
· Work in bedding plants
· Work on food distribution belts
· Distribution and issue include clothes and linen
· Management Support
· Care health supplies
· Advising on finishing materials in construction activities
· Small technical maintenance
· Housekeeping
· Disaster Services
· Landscaping
· Reception services

Strategic partnerships

ISS Hospital Services also concludes strategic cooperation agreements. This form of cooperation can be an economically interesting option for large projects. We also have far-reaching forms of cooperation with home care institutions, in which our clients position ISS as an extension for its clients.

Integrated facility solutions

Are you convinced of the high quality that ISS achieves with its services? That does not mean that the price should be at the same high level. We want to enter into a long-term relationship with your organization. That is why the ISS Hospital Services Concept is also aimed at the greatest possible budget control. Because the more services you outsource to one professional partner, the more budget savings you can expect.

Tell us your wishes

Would you like a tailor-made proposal that takes into account hygiene and safety requirements? Are you looking for a service partner who thinks along with you and guarantees the quality of its services? Do you set the highest expectations for hygiene, techniques, and training? Not only for cleaning but also for all related services? You will receive a solution from us.

Clear and refined, responding perfectly to your wishes. In this way, we give you the opportunity to make full use of the added value of ISS. We integrate our services into your organization as seamlessly as possible. Ultimately, this will fully benefit your patients, clients, residents, visitors, and your employees.

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