Slimming or Liposuction Which is More Appropriate?


Although each one is suitable for different methods of medical treatment, sometimes you need to compare to know what is right for you or you. Want to check? Start reading

Many cosmetic treatments achieve similar results, for the most part, or just sound like them. When it comes to treatments designed to reduce the volume in one form or another there are different methods, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the main difference between the two methods – slimming is the dissolving of fat that destroys the cells in certain technologies and then the body gets rid of them. Liposuction, on the other hand, removes and removes fat cells from the body.

How does it actually work?

One of the obvious differences between the two methods is the degree of invasiveness – while liposuction involves small incisions in the skin and then using a pressure suit to close the scars, as well as anesthesia and long recovery time, fat dissolving is non-invasive and can usually be done at any time of day. Liposuction is a type of surgery performed by plastic surgeons.
Range of treatment – Liposuction is done once for a certain area and the results are noticeable immediately. Because at a certain age the body is fixed on a number of fat cells (for thin and fat people the same number of fat cells, only in a different volume) there is a possibility not to gain the weight back, if one maintains a healthy lifestyle.
In contrast, fat dissolving (slimming) is done for a number of treatments but does not interfere with the routine of life at all. Recovery, accordingly – more difficult for the body to recover from the intervention of liposuction, compared to the treatment of slimming.
The two treatments are done according to different areas of the body, each focusing on a specific area. The costs vary accordingly – liposuction surgery can cost from NIS 7,000 up to NIS 25,000 while narrowing the scales can cost up to NIS 15,000 (and starting at NIS 5,000). Either way, based on the information we have presented to you, you can certainly understand that each of the treatments is suitable for different situations of body fat level.

From everything you have already read you probably understand that before doing this or that procedure it is advisable to consult a doctor or a professional who knows the field perfectly. Still undecided? Leave details and they will get back to you to help you resolve the dilemma

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