Weight Loss Exercises


4 Weight Loss Exercises That Have Proven To Work Every Time

Every year millions of people try to fight the battle of the bulge. It’s oftentimes difficult to manage it all but people seem to find a way to work towards a resolution, and it just becomes increasingly difficult. If you find yourself trying to fight your way to goals that seem insurmountable, you may want to try a different approach.

Assuming you’re already working on a diet plan, consider 4 weight loss exercises that are proven to work for the intended purpose of burning fat as fast as possible. If you have 20 minutes, then you have the opportunity to change your daily routine.

Walking Up and Down Stairs

This is an easy one to consider, as you will find that it can help you achieve your goals fast. Take to the stairs and walk up and down for 20 minutes straight. You will find that eventually, it will get easier, and at that point, you will want to start to increase the number of times you can go up and down floors. If you don’t find stairs, then try to find a steep hill, to walk up and down for a period of time. The purpose here is to move your muscle groups and even focus on your core.


There is something grand about walking, and it’s one of the most forgotten exercises. It is low impact, doesn’t require any special shoes, or skill set, you simply just go for 20 to 30 minutes. If you have a treadmill you can start to go faster and faster with more incline, otherwise, you can just seek out a nice park or sidewalk and go for it. With just simple movements at least 3 times a day, and a healthy diet, you will enjoy a great deal of influence in your health.

Jumping Rope

Another one of the great weight loss exercises that gets overlooked a lot, this is one of the best options that you are going to find today. It will push you to your limits, but it will also build muscle, and give you a sense of fun that other options just don’t seem to give you. Jumping rope may seem childish, but it’s something difficult as an adult, and can definitely bring about a great expedited result.


Done properly, the standard push up could help strengthen your back, biceps, chest, and even core. This has to be done properly, however, because there are variations that don’t help or can cause injury. Start with sets of 5 and move up to longer, more difficult sets. You’ll feel the burn and get lean and toned in no time.
The above 4 weight loss exercises are just a few simple things that you can try out in your quest. If you just give it 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week, you will see results. Combined with a good diet, you will be able to drop serious weight in no time.

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