What Does Simitol Antioxidant Mean?


When I’m researching beauty, I often see the words antioxidant and anti-aging. This antioxidant is a word, but I was curious about what it meant, so I investigated it. Apparently the human body It’s like oxidizing. That’s right, it rusts.

It is said that this rust is linked to aging. An antioxidant is to normalize this, that is, to resist oxidation. There are various antioxidants, that is, antioxidants. This is the oldest, most familiar, and safest antioxidant

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. In particular, this ascorbic acid has a function of alleviating pigmentation, so it can be expected to have a sufficient whitening effect.

What else is there?
Vitamin E
Coenzyme Q10, etc.
Recently, hydrogen is also attracting attention.
Supplements and bath salts are recommended instead of hydrogen water.

It’s hard to imagine that the human body will rust, but
it’s hard to imagine that it will rust more than that.

So I’m wondering which antioxidant is the best of these

From my personal point of view, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is also used in Simitol, is

This is largely known and used for a long time. It feels safe and you can rest assured. I feel that overdose of vitamin E had serious side effects Because ejected immediately because it is water-soluble even if the overdose of vitamin C compared to E peace of mind Catechin has a strong image of tea and seems to make stones.

Actually, it seems that you can’t make stones because of tea, but the image is a little Hydrogen I’m honestly expecting this, but it’s too new. I feel that some side effects are likely to occur.

It is said to be the only antioxidant that reaches the brain.

That doubles the fear.

Also, it seems that some people have been hurt by the scientific reaction, so
I think it’s still too early to start.

It is very attractive that cancer is said to be cured, but it is premature
because hydrogen administration is not yet approved as a medical treatment in Japan.
When it comes to that, I would expect the most ascorbic acid from Simitol.

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