Why Medicines Are Related to Skin Care


Why is Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) of Simitol pushed for beauty?

It’s not just because vitamin C is good for the body. As I may have written several times, if there is no vitamin C at the time of collagen production, collagen production is almost nonexistent and the intake of vitamin C is higher than the intake of collagen. If you are a beauty expert, you already know that the key to solving collagen deficiency is.

In addition, vitamin C is deficient during pregnancy and lactation, which makes the
body and skin tattered and makes it easier to get sick. I think there are many people who have actually experienced
freckles suddenly increasing during this period and becoming very tired.

Somehow, when I feel old most ;

If you consult with a hospital at this time, it is usually recommended that you take vitamins.

Of course,
it is not too late for those who are a little reluctant to take medicines during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for those who have an environment where they can take medicine with peace of mind.

No matter how many spots and freckles are increasing, the first path to beauty is to normalize and maintain skin turnover by ensuring that nutrients are taken with medicines such as Simitol. It’s a step.

Then, why is the medicine to be taken effective, and why not make it into cream or essence?
If possible, take care from inside with essence containing cream or vitamin C from outside the medicine such as simitol. Is good

My back is out of reach and I need a lot of creams,  and stains on the back of my hands wash my hands well when I’m doing household chores, so they fall off quickly and I can actually care for them only while I’m sleeping. I will end up. We recommend the ones that can be taken internally from this aspect as well.

Of course, one of the points is to take medicines such as Simitol in an amount that cannot be taken with supplements .

I can’t stay young forever, but I’m still a pretty woman, and it shouldn’t be a bad thing to be cleaner than I am now


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