Attention: An URGENT message for anyone in pain…

​​​​What causes back Pain? 

Back Pain used to be seen mainly in those who worked in physically demanding jobs like builders, bricklayers, plantation workers, heavy industry workers , construction workers and miners.

Poor posture 

• Lack of exercise resulting in stiffening of the spine

 • Muscle strains or sprains.

Back pain is sometimes linked with pain in the legs, and there may be numbness or a tingling feeling. This is called sciatica. The spinal cord passes inside the vertebrae, which protect it.

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Stephanie Heliot, PA-C joined our practice in September 2019 as a certified, licensed physician assistant. She has been working in women’s health in the Dallas area since 2018 and has a passion for improving the lives of women through both medicine and lifestyle choices. She received her undergraduate degree in human development from The University of Texas at Austin. After graduating, she attended the University of North Texas Health Science Center where she obtained her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies.

Stephanie Heliot,PA-C   

This amazing new light based technology works fast and penetrates deep to alleviate your worst pain at its source.

It’s not an unproven or worthless exercise program.

It’s not some
unproven or worthless
exercise program.

It doesn’t require
expensive or hard to
swallow pills…

And it isn’t something
that puts you at risk
of addiction.

Andy was a veteran. He was once a tough soldier who could fearlessly take on the biggest challenges on the battlefield…

But now, he couldn’t even bend over and pick a pen off the floor without flinching in pain.

The chronic pain in his back and hips had made his life miserable.

Getting out of bed in the morning felt like a grueling task...

Lifting the grocery bags out of the car had become impossible...

Doing household work seemed monumental...

“Nothing helps with the pain.”
he continued.

Andy had tried prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, patches and exercise, but, nothing would give him the deep relief he desperately desired.

The golf clubs he bought to enjoy a round of golf with his closest friends were now gathering dust in the corner… constantly reminding he was missing out on all the fun.

His co-workers at the office started to see him as weak and old. Even his boss had started to question if he was up to the job anymore.

Pain travels down the leg because of the irritation of the sciatic nerve in the lumbar spine, but there’s actually nothing wrong with the leg itself

It made him feel weak and dependent.

This is a sad conversation I recently had with my friend and patient, Andy, an American soldier who got hit by a roadside bomb while deployed in Iraq.

He got medical attention in time that prevented the worst… only to end up with a lifetime of pain and suffering.

But this story has a happy ending.

You see, when Andy came to me, he was desperate for anything that would erase his pain.

And thankfully, I was in a position to help him.

I knew about a groundbreaking pain-relief discovery which promised miraculous results on chronic pain…

   And I’m helping them to do it:






over the

counter pills.


exercise or




doctors, physical

therapists or


The technology behind it has been verified by 4,000+ peer-reviewed medical studies.

In just 3 MINUTES!

Now, I know that’s a big claim, but as you’ll see in a moment, it’s absolutely true and the type of thing which is possible with “Bioenergetic Imprinting”.

And there’s more! You see…

Our Unique Solution

 Has Been Featured All Over The Media,

From Hallmark, The Doctors, Atlanta Live

& Arizona Midday…

While performing experiments on technology designed to help grow plants in the International Space Station…

… They realized that this technology (which I’ll tell you all about in just a moment) had profound medical implications, particularly for those with minor joint pain or painful symptoms due to arthritis.

Since then, “Nasa's breakthrough technology” has been corroborated by studies from the University Of Alabama, the University Of Ottawa, and the University of Sydney.

I’m going to show you how you can use this for yourself,

 from the comfort of your own home.

Zero equipment required.

Zero doctors required.

Zero exercise required.

So be sure to read every word on this page because if you’re in pain, this

 might be the most important page you ever read.

Before I show you what this breakthrough pain solution is, I want to let you in on the “dirty little secret” of the pharmaceutical industry.

You see…

I Have A Doctorate In Pharmacy, But

 Everything I Learned About Pain Relief

 In Pharmacy School Is Dead Wrong!

And here’s the other thing I need you to understand about your pain:

It’s NOT Your Fault.
You’ve Been Lied To About Your

If you’re suffering from any type of joint pain, arthritis or minor aches and pains, it’s NOT your fault and you’re NOT alone.

Please don’t blame yourself.

Instead, blame the pharmaceutical industry for all the
“fake news” and misleading propaganda about opiates safety they’ve been spreading for the last 30 years.

But here’s the good news: If you’re suffering from joint pain, or indeed, any type of minor pain, there is a solution.