What is Ketosis?


A lot of questions are speculating regarding the topic of ketosis and weight loss. Questions pertaining to the definition and effectiveness of ketosis are most likely to be seen around the web, and that is what we are going to answer in this article.

What Is Ketosis?

Ketosis simply means the ability of your body to burn all of your stored fats, which greatly impacts positively to losing weight. This is the reason why most weight watchers are very interested with the topic of ketosis, because they want to know how to make it work, and what triggers it.

When your body is experiencing ketosis, you will always feel full in the stomach, even if you have not taken much food. You will feel no hunger most of the time and if you do, you are likely to eat lesser proportion that what you normally have.

When there is less carbohydrate levels in the body, the body will instantly use whatever carbohydrate content there is in the body mass, and burns it to create fuel to energize the body.

This activity is the main reason why people are very much into South beach diet programs, which are also known as low carb diets, that gives fascinating results in weight loss, in a much faster time.

When Does Ketosis Happen?

There are several factors that trigger ketosis. To name some, please see the following bullets below:

When the body detects that it needs more energy yet there is insufficient amount of it due to low levels of insulin and raised blood glucose.

When the person has taken the South beach diet or what we all know as the low carb diet.

When the person is suffering from diabetes.

When the person is taking too much alcohol.

Risk Factors With Ketosis

Although most people see ketosis as the way to burn the extra fats in your body, maintaining it in a high level for a prolonged time can also be dangerous to your health. Ketones (the product of ketosis) have the ability to make your blood acidic, which is also known as ketoacidosis. Ketones can be detected through blood testing and urine sampling.

Furthermore, since ketosis usually happens when a person is on a low carb diet, one may also experience health discomforts such as:



Kidney stones

Kidney failure

Seek A Doctor

Since we already know the risk factors that can happen if the Ketones are maintained in a high level, the best way to protect yourself from ketosis, is through the help of your health professional. Your health professional, whether a medical doctor or a nutritionist, can guide you all throughout the process of going through a low carb diet, while checking the levels of your ketones on a regular basis.

That way, you can be sure that you are free from any health threats that can happen to you, and cause more damage than what you already have.

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